Rachel + Ryan | Eleuthera, Bahamas

We are back in the Bahamas! Welcome to Rachel + Ryan’s Eleuthera Island wedding adventure. So excited to share these images – I’m in love with everything about them…  The colors, the backgrounds, the moments, THE COUPLE!, and especially the joy so big you can feel it radiating through every picture. Together for 12+ years this day has been a long time in the making!! Please enjoy their picture story. Hats off to Mish of Boy Meets Girl Destination Weddings and her fabulous and talented team who were the creators of everything you see here.

Ceremony: Rainbow Bay | Reception:  Rainbow Inn | Wedding Planning, Styling, & Catering:  Boy Meets Girl


Rachel and Ryan were married IN the ocean during low tide on the day of a full moon! Idea and creative design by Mish of Boy Meets Girl.


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Zev Waserman Mish Lavagnino -

love them all xxx.

Diane Scott McMullin -

Absolutely beautiful day. Magnificent bride. Handsome groom! Love blooming everywhere! Cheers and Congratulations.

Chrissy Hurley -

Like isn't even good enough. Love, Love, LOVE! These photos are amazing!

Nancy Assero -

This pictures are fantastic! wonderful memories in the making. Beautiful bride and groom and family- lots of love and fun for all! Perfection.

Kathy Sholes Shepperson -

I lucked out and know the Ricigs so I got to view them…They are Spectacular the most beautifully unique wedding pictures I've ever seen! I felt myself smiling and having fun I actually hated that it had to end.

Kathleen Curran Vetter -

Absolutely beautiful pictures and such memories to cherish! Love and happiness Rachel & Ryan…

Barb Waldt -

Amazing Wedding, Beautiful Bride and Good Looking Groom , Amazing Family, but most of all a great happy day and memories that you will never forget! Love and much happiness to Rachel & Ryan……..

Andrea J. Dixon -

thanks for sharing these

Eryn Varga -

What a beautiful Bahamian Wedding!

I really love the low-tide venue, so cool! Also think that the “wedding” sign, the shot bar and the fishy photo frame w/ the oversized shades 🙂 are great!!!

What are the white things in the pots at each ‘entrance’ to the low-tide ‘aisle’??? Did someone scrape away the moss (or several someones) to make the ‘aisle’?


Best Wishes Rachel & Ryan!

Sarah C -

Thanks Eryn! Oh yes, Mish and her crew worked hard on the ceremony spot and created that path you see by raking it out during the low tide. The white things in the pots are the ceremony programs for guests to take on their way to their seats.

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admin -

Thank you!! I am in my bliss when photographing in Eleuthera. Heaven on Earth.