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A meaningful gift for your guests + a fun addition to your day.

This a popular add-on option that my clients are raving about: Polaroid Coverage by Jeremy Minnerick!!* During the cocktail hour and reception, Jeremy skillfully snaps polaroids of your family and friends enjoying the party. He hands out every photo, letting your guests know to take them home - they are a gift! The look of surprise and appreciation on people’s faces is priceless. By the end of the night there are polaroids everywhere… little mementos that go home with family and friends, reminding everybody how fantastic your day was. And of course, the couple goes home with some too! The polaroids have been a HUGE hit as they add a noticeable layer of fun to the whole experience.

*based on availability

“The polaroids people took home were some of their most prized takeaways from our wedding. Plus, after we ran down our sparkler line on our way to the getaway car, Jeremy shoved some "best of" photos in my suit pocket. I can't over stress how valuable those treasures were to us!” - Bob (groom)

Jeremy Minnerick! My love and life partner. He’s a highly-talented wedding photographer as well! (That is how we met).

When available, he 2nd shoots + does the polaroid coverage. Please inquire to see if he is open for your date!


A man with superior photography skills, a calming presence, ridiculous puns, an admirable beard,

and always…. great socks.


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