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I have a SUPER FUN add-on option for your wedding day: Instant Film by Jeremy Minnerick! The instant film photos (aka polaroids) by Jeremy capture moments and people throughout your day. The photos are to be taken home by guests, and may be displayed on a table at the reception, or simply handed out by Jeremy. These tangible gifts are unique and meaningful, and bring back memories of how amazing your day was!

“The polaroids people took home were some of their most prized takeaways from our wedding. Plus, after we ran down our sparkler line on our way to the getaway car, Jeremy shoved some "best of" photos in my suit pocket. I can't over stress how valuable those treasures were to us!” - Bob (groom)


Jeremy Minnerick! My love and partner in crime. He’s a highly-talented wedding photographer as well! (That is how we met).

When available, he 2nd shoots + does instant film. Please inquire to see if he is open for your date!

Jeremy double.jpg

I spy a handsome photography ninja guy. (w/ great socks!)

J 1600 72dpi.jpg

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