“Sarah! These are so wonderful!!!!!! As soon as we finished dinner we went through each and every one crying, laughing, and remembering our special day. We are so appreciative of all you and Jeremy did. You captured the day perfectly, such a beautiful reflection of our wedding! Every picture was full of joy, laughter, and smiles. Exactly what we hoped for! We truly can’t thank you enough!” - Maggie & Kent 


“Sarah, we are so thankful for your presence, love, and artistry at our wedding. We are so honored you were there with us. Your eye for personality, for beauty, for capturing joy is amazing. We truly adore you and our photos.” - Chrystal & Daniel


“Sarah, you have such a gift for capturing the emotions and dynamics of each moment. I sent the gallery to my mother in North Carolina. Poor health prevented her from coming to the wedding, but she said that looking at your pictures, she felt like she was there. She was so happy! I feel certain that Linghan's extended family in China will feel the same. I can't count how many people mentioned how impressed they were with your style, kindness, and professionalism, and I think quite a few of us thought you were more like a friend and part of the fun than someone who was there doing a job! You are a master at your craft and we are so fortunate you were there. Thank you for sharing your magic with us!” - Pam (mother of the groom)


“Sooo... We watch the slideshow the first time; I absolutely cry my eyes out; then Keenan starts crying; then I cry some more. And then, we watch it a second time...and I cry! And Keenan cries! And we cry some more!! It was absolutely beautiful. Some of those photos capture moments with our families that will never be caught again or repeated, ever; you did an amazing, amazing job. It was once in a lifetime, and I'm so happy we had you there.” - Lizzie & Keenan


“You are utterly amazing, Sarah! I really don't know how you do it - how you find the relationships among folks you barely know, the magical moments that tell the story... You have such a gift! Happy tears! We are forever grateful.” - Jen (mother of the bride)


“Dear Sarah, I never told you this, but the morning after the wedding my dad was RAVING about how incredibly professional, artistic, and amazing you were. This tickled both Bob and I - my father never raves about anything. High praise. :) Words cannot express how happy we are to have gone through this journey with you. I remember from the beginning how lovely you were to talk to on the phone, and feeling an instant connection to your liveliness and appreciation for life. I know our journey is far from finished. We are so blessed. Thank you for everything.” - Jenna & Bob


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